How to Find Work-at-Home Jobs Online

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Working from home is an immensely popular trend. People are using this method to supplement their incomes, use spare time productively, promote a hobby or run a side business. Companies are also warming up to the idea of having manpower working from home. The Internet functions as a meeting place for job seekers and employers, and the ability to be online has further made it convenient to work from home.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

Step 1

Go to popular search engines such as Yahoo!, Google or AOL and search for "work at home jobs" or use similar keywords. The search engines show several listings. Thoroughly explore all results listed on at least the first results page, which typically shows links best matching the search criteria.

Step 2

Browse through the portals of the frequently-used search engines that have their own job portals, sections of which are dedicated to work-at-home opportunities. These offer a better chance of coming across more employers. Use their discussion forums to network and know related information.

Step 3

Become a member of an online support group, many of which relate to work from home. This membership exposes you to the latest trends, events and opportunities in your field of choice.

Step 4

Check out the possibilities on eBay if you have a flair for promoting goods and a great product to sell.

Step 5

Search for organizations that are okay with some of their employees working from home. Send them your resume.

Step 6

Look up Web sites of local staffing agencies, some of which may specialize in assisting you to find a work-at-home job.

Step 7

Browse through popular job portals such as Dice, Monster and CareerBuilder, which usually have a special section on work-from-home jobs. Become a member to do personalized searches.

Step 8

Use networking sites such as LinkedIn and MySpace to form a network of like-minded people. The more people you network with, the higher are the chances of you getting a good break.

Tips & Warnings

  • Becoming a member on popular sites gives you the option of setting alerts so you get email notifications every time a suitable job is posted. Regularly check the accounts created on job portals. If you have earlier worked in an organization, ask for recommendations and put them online with your profile.
  • Work on your resume so it states relevant work experience and qualifications.
  • Interact online with others. If you have a skill, write about it and let others know about your abilities.
  • Senior citizens may benefit by being involved in online networking groups their former schools, colleges or employers might be managing.
  • Craigslist, and are some sites worth browsing through.
  • Be open to feedback and try broadening your skill base by learning new things.
  • Take time to fully understand the work-at-home opportunity. If it does not feel quite right, stay away from it.
  • Understand that it is very tough to get a job not requiring you to get out of your house. The more you are mobile, the better are the chances of getting a job. However, assess your situation and refrain from accepting an unsuitable job.
  • Some examples of work-from-home jobs are data entry, medical transcription, claim processing, freelancing, blogging, handling customer calls, tutoring, telemarketing, providing daycare services, picking up prescriptions, designing, writing resumes and becoming a consultant. When online, search for keywords related to these jobs to find better opportunities.
  • Beware of online scams. Remember that a genuine work opportunity will never require you to pay. All so-called part-time opportunities that tell you to send them money so you get profitable work are frauds.
  • There is no free lunch. Be cautious about work-at-home opportunities that claim to help you earn big bucks on a monthly basis. If something sounds too good to be true, it in all probability is. Do a thorough research and background check before falling for such schemes.
  • Read the fine print before signing any contract.