How to Find Your Celebrity Twin

By Techwalla Contributor

Ever wonder what celebrity you REALLY look like? According to my "twin" is Catherine Zeta Jones and who am I to argue. Find out your celebrity twin with my easy steps.

Step 1

Log onto It's free and easy to use!

Step 2

Upload a close-up picture of your face. Make sure you can see your features pretty closely. Crop it to fill the box that is provided.

Step 3

MyHeritage will analyze your features to correctly match you with a few of today's hottest Hollywood stars and show you who you look like!

Step 4

There is also a face transformation feature. You can choose the celebrity you think you resemble most and watch your pic "morph" into theirs. This allows you to really see the similarities between you and your star!

Step 5

After you've had fun seeing who you look like, save your picture and results. Then you can post the results on your page or email them to your friends!

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