How to Find Your DSL Password

By Emile Heskey

DSL is an acronym for Digital Subscriber Line, which is a type of Internet connection that can be run through a standard telephone line. The default setting of a DSL connection is on, and, as such, will not require you to insert a password to open a Web browser. If you need your password, you can find it without any technical or specialist knowledge. It will be available in several places.

Step 1

Check the back of the modem, which should have a sticker printed on it. If your connection is a wireless router, the sticker will say "SSID Wireless Settings," which will be your password. You can enter this when prompted to allow internet connectivity.

Step 2

Look through the pack that was sent with your router. The password will be printed on a sticker in the pack or will be on the inside of the box in which the router came. The sticker will be one with a bar code and not necessarily labeled "Password."

Step 3

Contact your DSL provider, which will be able to give you your password or set up a new one for you. When doing this, you will need to have your account details ready, since these will be required.