How to Find Your House Through a Satellite

By Anne Hirsh

The easiest way to find your house through a satellite is to simply look it up online. There are more complex programs like Google Earth that will give you more detail, but they require downloading a program onto your computer. Google Earth is free, but it does take time to set up and get used to, and it takes up space on your hard drive. The satellite images you can find online are several years old for security and privacy reasons. Still, unless your home is very new, you should be able to find it.

Step 1

Launch your favorite web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Step 2

Navigate to the Google website (See Resources) if you do not use that search engine as your home page, or if you do not have a Google search window in your toolbar.

Step 3

Enter your house's address into the search bar, including the street number, city, state and zip code. You can use the state postal abbreviation if you like.

Step 4

Click on the map that comes up near the top of the results.

Step 5

Choose "Satellite" from the small window at the upper right corner of the map. This will load the satellite image of your house, which may take a few minutes if you have a slow connection. That window toggles between "Map" and "Satellite" views.

Step 6

Click the plus symbol or drag the zoom slider toward the plus symbol until you are zoomed in as far as possible.

Step 7

Look for the shape of your house among the rooftops you see. Google will place a marker on the map, but it may not be exactly correct. Your house should be quite near the area, however, so simply scroll around the map until you find it.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can use this process on the Yahoo search engine as well, but the Yahoo satellite images generally do not zoom in as close as those on Google maps.