How to Find Your iPhone If You Lose It

By Shawn Farner

Apple, the company behind the iPhone smartphone, also operates a Web service called MobileMe. The MobileMe service bundles a number of different services into one package, including the "Find My iPhone" feature. This feature tracks down your lost or stolen iPhone, iPod or iPad via the Web. At the time of publication, the MobileMe subscription service costs $99 per year. However, users with an iPhone 4, iPad or fourth-generation iPod Touch or later can use the free "Find My iPhone" service.

Step 1

Sign in to your Apple account at

Step 2

Click on your iPhone in the list of iOS devices you've registered. Skip this step if you only have your iPhone.

Step 3

View the map to determine the location of your lost iPhone. Your iPhone is marked by a green dot if it has a data connection, a red dot if it doesn't have a data connection and a gray dot if the Find service is still trying to connect to it.

Step 4

Retrieve your lost iPhone by traveling to the location it was last seen on the map.

Tips & Warnings

  • "Find My iPhone" in the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" settings must be turned on, as must "Location Services" in the "Settings" panel for this service to work.