How to Find Your Router's WPA Key

By Grady Blumenthal

WPA, or Wi-Fi protected access, is an encryption that protects your wireless network from intrusion by outsiders. When you set up a wireless router, you're asked to create a WPA key. Forgetting this key will prohibit you from gaining access to your network and can seem like a serious hassle. Rest assured, it is not. It is possible to locate your WPA key by following a few steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Ethernet cable
  • Router

Step 1

Connect your computer directly to the router with an ethernet cable, bypassing the modem.

Step 2

Boot up your computer and open the Internet browser. Enter "" (without quotation marks). It is the default router address. This opens a login page.

Step 3

Enter your user name and password in the appropriate fields. If you've forgotten this information, the default user name and password are in your router's manual that came in the original packaging. After entering the appropriate information, log in.If you lost the router's manual, too, reset the router by pressing and holding the small button on the back of the machine for 20-30 seconds. Then start again at Step 2.

Step 4

Open your security settings. The WPA key is listed somewhere on this page. All router companies are different, so you might need to search through your security settings to locate the WPA key. If you were forced to reset your router, you are asked to create a new WPA key.