How to Fix a Broken Laptop Screen

By Billy Kirk

While it may seem like fixing and replacing a screen is a job left only to professionals, everyday computer users with a couple of tools and some careful measures can purchase a new LCD screen, remove the old, and install the new in a relatively short amount of time.

Things You'll Need

  • Laptop (battery removed)
  • Knife
  • Small Phillips head screwdriver
  • Plastic bag

Step 1

Purchase your new LCD screen. Check with your individual manufacturer for more information and for other considerations such as matte screen versus a glossy option, for example (see Resources below).

Step 2

Examine the perimeter (bezel) of your laptop screen. The majority of laptop screens will have screw covers visible here. Take your small knife and carefully pop these screw covers off.

Step 3

Use your small Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws around the bevels of your LCD screen. The screws will now be visible thanks to the screw covers you removed with your knife. Store these screws in a safe temporary place, as you will need them again. Consider a small plastic bag for storage.

Step 4

Remove the bezel of your screen. With the covers off and the screws removed, the bezel will easily pop off. Put it carefully aside.

Step 5

Lean the LCD screen forward slightly so as to separate it from the back bezel of the computer.

Step 6

Examine the exposed LCD screen. There will be screws (usually two) on the metal brackets on each side of the LCD screen of your computer. Again, use the small Philips screwdriver and remove these screws. Place them in your plastic bag or other safe place for later. Unscrew the bottom screw on each bracket side first, followed by the upper screw.

Step 7

Remove the LCD screen from the back bezel entirely and lay it in a safe place, such as on a soft cloth or a similar material that will not scratch your screen.

Step 8

Remove the tape holding the video cable to the LCD screen. It is usually fastened to the back of the LCD screen via this tape, although some computer models will have clip fasteners on each side of the video cable that must be unclipped.

Step 9

Remove the inverter plug from the inverter, if you must replace the inverter as well as the screen. The inverter is located at the bottom center of the LCD screen once the bezel is removed, and the cable plugs into the side of the inverter.

Step 10

Take your new LCD screen and attach the video cable to it via the tape, as before. Additionally, if a new inverter was required, remove the old inverter, slide the new into its place, and take the unplugged inverter cable and plug it into the side of the new inverter.

Step 11

Take the two sets of screws and reinstall them into the side of the metal brackets of the LCD screen.

Step 12

Push the bezel back into place over the top of the new LCD screen. Take the final screws that you initially removed from the bezel and screw them back in with your screwdriver.

References & Resources