How to Fix a Jammed Kodak Lens

By Faith Alessio

If the lens on your Kodak digital camera isn't extending when you turn the camera on or retracting when you turn the camera off, your camera lens is probably jammed in some way. This might mean that you have to send it in to Kodak for repair, but there are a couple things you should try first to see if you can solve the problem yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Kodak camera battery charger or charging dock
  • Soft, non-abrasive cloth

Step 1

Turn your camera off and remove the battery. Charge the battery and put it back into the appropriate slot in your camera. Restart your camera, and see if the lens extends. If the problem persists, you may need to buy a new camera battery to replace the old one. For Kodak cameras that use a charging dock, place the camera into the dock to recharge the battery. If the jammed lens persists, the problem may not be with the battery.

Step 2

Look at the lens area on the front of your camera for any large dust or other substance that may be obstructing the lens mechanism. If you notice anything, gently brush off the front of your camera using a dry, soft cloth. If the camera lens is partially or fully extended, use a dry, non-abrasive cloth to gently wipe the sides of the lens barrel. Blow softly around the lens area on the front of your camera to blow off any remaining dust. Do this even if you may not be able to see any dust or other substance, as the dust can often be quite small and very hard to see. Restart your camera. If the lens problem persists, you may need to get professional help.

Step 3

Send your camera in to the Kodak repair store or some other reliable camera repair shop of the lens still does not extend or retract when you push the "On/Off" button. This is the most reliable way to fix your camera, but, because many warranties do not cover lens repair, the cost for sending a camera in for lens work can often be quite expensive, sometimes even more than the value of the camera itself.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your do not wish to spend the money to have our camera repaired professionally, you can try some other methods of fixing the lens problem at home. These methods might include gently twisting or pulling on the lens of your camera until you hear a soft click, meaning that the lens has popped into the appropriate place. There is necessarily quite a high risk factor when doing work of this nature on a digital camera, so only try such manual repairs as a last resort.
  • If the lens is half extended when the lens error occurs, do not try to force the lens shut or open. This will most often break the lens mechanism, ruining the camera's ability to focus in order to take pictures.