How to Fix a Polaroid TV

By Greyson Ferguson

Polaroid is most known for its cameras and line of film, but the company produces a variety of other products, including televisions. If you have an LCD flat screen television (the only TV the company currently builds) and are running into issues with the device, a few troubleshooting steps may correct whatever problems you are encountering.

Step 1

Power down the LCD Polaroid television and disconnect it from the wall outlet. Leave the TV turned off for a few minutes, then connect the electrical cable to the power port and power the TV on. This performs a hard reset on the Polaroid TV and corrects most of the performance issues you may encounter (such as the audio popping on high frequencies and the color of the TV being distorted).

Step 2

Check the cable connection running into the television. Make sure the cables are completely inserted into the connecting ports. If the cables are not inserted completely the audio and video signals drop in and out.

Step 3

Push firmly down on the corners of the television if there are white spots leaking onto the edges of your display screen. This is caused by light leaking in from the case if it is not attached securely, causing a bright light on the screen. Pushing the case back into place corrects this problem.

Step 4

Power on the television and press the "Menu" button found on the remote control. Select the option you want to adjust (audio or video) and a series of preferences will appear on the screen. Select the audio or video preference you want to adjust ("Bass," "Color," "Contrast"), then push the left or right control button on the remote to increase or decrease the settings.

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