How to Fix a SIM Card

By Tammy Dahlvang

The subscriber identity module (or SIM) card is a removable memory chip that allows you to switch from one cell phone to another while retaining your current cell phone number and other personal settings. Because they are purchased for convenience, often by people who are traveling from country to country and require cell phone service, a malfunctioning SIM card can be very frustrating. It is sometimes possible to fix an existing SIM card, rather than replacing it.

Things You'll Need

  • Air duster
  • Alcohol wipe
  • Cell phone service provider contact information

Step 1

Turn the phone off.

Step 2

Remove the back cover of the phone.

Step 3

Remove the battery.

Step 4

Check the SIM card, usually located under the battery, to make sure that the SIM card is inserted properly into your phone. It should be precisely aligned and pushed down snugly, or it will not work.

Step 5

Put the phone back together, and see if repositioning the SIM card fixed the problem.

Step 6

Take the SIM card out of your phone if the problem persists.

Step 7

Use an air duster to blow any dust out of the area where the SIM card rests in your phone. Use the duster to clean off the SIM card as well.

Step 8

Use an alcohol wipe to clean your SIM card.

Step 9

Reinsert the card, and see if cleaning the card has fixed the problem.

Step 10

Call your cell phone service provider if your card is still malfunctioning after you've repositioned it and cleaned it. Ask them what the error message that you're receiving means, and follow their instructions as to how to fix the card.