How to Fix a USB Flash Drive That's Write Protected?

By Kayla Ledford

Files and data are often lost due to a crash or an infection by a virus. If the information is not backed up it can be lost forever. USB flash drives, along with CD's, external hard drives and on-line storage, are an important tool for backing up data stored on your PC. Like any storage device USB flash drives can be write protected. This means that the data on the device is protected from being erased or changed. Settings on the USB flash drive protect the information, but can be altered.

Step 1

Select "Start" menu fro the lower left corner of your screen. Then select "Run." Enter "Regedit" in the "Open" field and select "OK."

Step 2

Select "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" from the menu on the left of the "Registry Editor" window.

Step 3

Select "System" from the menu that will expand, then select "Current control set."

Step 4

Select "Control" under the "Current control set" expandable menu.

Step 5

Select "StorageDevicePolicies" from the "Control" expandable menu.

Step 6

Select "WriteProtect" from the right side of the Registry Editor window.

Step 7

Change the number in the "Data Value" field to zero in the box that appears.

Step 8

Restart your computer and copy files to the USB drive.