How to Fix a USB Flash Drive With Write Protection

By J.S. Copper

If your USB flash drive has write protection turned on, this means the device is in read-only mode. This prevents unauthorized users from making changes or deleting the contained files. If you wish to fix this, you must change the drive's permissions. Adjusting the permissions allows you to grant read/write access to select users or to anyone with access to the drive. Adjusting these permissions will require access to the Administrator account.

Step 1

Log in to the computer as the Windows Administrator.

Step 2

Open the Start menu, select "Computer."

Step 3

Connect the USB flash drive to the computer's USB port. Right-click the drive within "Computer" and select "Properties."

Step 4

Open the "Security" tab," click the "Edit..." button. Select the user you wish to grant read/write capabilities to. If you do not wish to select a specific user, you can select "Everyone."

Step 5

Set all listed "Permissions" to "Allow." Click "Allow," then "OK" to save the changes. The USB flash drive is no longer in read-only mode.