How to Fix Auto-Protect in Norton System Works

By Jordan Baughman

While Symantec's Norton System Works offers exceptional protection against viruses, spyware and a multitude of other malicious code that could negatively affect your computer, the software doesn't come without a few small problems. A common problem you may experience is the system error that disables the much-needed Norton Auto-Protect and keeps you from re-enabling it. According to Symantec, this malfunction can occur for any number of reasons and there is only one real solution to fixing it.

Step 1

Open your "Start" menu from the computer's desktop.

Step 2

Select "Control Panel."

Step 3

Open the "User Accounts" icon by double-clicking it.

Step 4

Navigate through the options to "Manage changes to your user account" and select "Turn User Account Control on or off."

Step 5

Click "Continue."

Step 6

Disable "UAC Protection" by unchecking the box next to it.

Step 7

Continue by selecting "OK."

Step 8

Restart your computer.

Step 9

Visit Symantec's Auto-Protect Error Fix Tool page (see Resources). Click "Run It Now" under "Step 2" to download and run the Auto-Fix Tool.

Step 10

Restart your computer once more to resolve the Norton Auto-Protect problem.