How to Fix Blurry Pictures for Free

By David Montoya

Imagine you take a wonderful picture on a family vacation and you can't wait to see it on your computer when you get home. You upload the picture in excited anticipation only to find it came out blurry! This happens frequently and there are a few free fixes you can employ to help eliminate the blur. The first step is understanding how to use the software that came with your digital camera to lessen blurriness. The second is to change a few settings on the camera itself. Third, you can find surprisingly advanced free programs on the Internet.

Things You'll Need

  • Camera
  • Camera software

Digital Camera and Other Software

Step 1

Use the zoom out feature in your digital camera software to eliminate slight blurring. When you zoom out, the details of your picture become less noticeable. This also means the blurriness may become virtually undetectable. This solution works best for pictures that weren't meant to show fine details. Some programs will not allow you to print a picture that has been zoomed-in (i.e., only the original will print). If this is the case, you'll need to try other options.

Step 2

Crop the edges of your picture if the background is blurry. Cropping will completely remove these unsightly parts of your picture.

Step 3

Increase the contrast to help your picture look crisp and clear.

Step 4

Download a free photo editing program on your computer. There are several out there that are suitable for nearly all cameras. Two popular examples are GimPhoto and Photofiltre. You can visit for a list of highly rated free programs.

Digital Camera Operation

Step 1

Change your camera settings so your shutter opens and closes faster. Leaving your shutter open too long will make all your pictures look like the subjects were moving too quickly.

Step 2

Place your camera on a fixed object (like a camera stand or table) before taking a picture. Some digital cameras are sensitive to movement. Making sure your camera is stationary can eliminate many of your blurring problems.

Step 3

Change the aperture setting on the camera so all the background items in your picture are in focus. The aperture setting controls how much light is let in by the lens. Most cameras show aperture settings with daytime, nighttime and indoor settings. You'll notice that some pictures blur the background for added effect. It's a nice method, but not when the background is also important. Changing the aperture settings will increase the depth of field and bring the entire picture into focus.