How to Fix Computer Clock Problems

By Contributing Writer

Is your PC giving you heartburn? Are programs acting funny? Is the Clock gaining or losing time? Is the Calendar on your computer showing the wrong day? The answer to these headaches could be quite simple so let's explore.

Things You'll Need

  • Small flat head screw driver.
  • Battery.

Keep Time. Throw Away The Dead Battery.

Step 1

Turn off your computer and unplug it from the wall.

Step 2

Avoid contact with anything else electrical. Best is to wear rubber soul shoes and don't shuffle around too much so that you don't transmit static electricity to anything inside your computer.

Step 3

Remove the Cover according to the manual. Be careful that you don't bend or force anything. Lay the computer on it's side with the Mother Board facing up.

Step 4

Look for the battery. Depending on what model PC you have, there maybe different types of batteries but typically it will be a Lithium and they're pretty easy to spot on the Mother Board. It looks like a shiny Nickel simply mounted on the Board.

Step 5

Pry the Battery out. Use a small flat head screw driver to gently pry it out. If you can get a finger nail on it, there's usually a tiny spring loaded tab to push aside while you pry it out.

Step 6

Determine the type of Battery. Check the model number and voltage of the Battery so you will know what to replace it with. Lithium Batteries look very much alike but can have different characteristics.

Step 7

Snap the new Battery in. Place it with the small circle side down and just give it a little push. It should snap right in to it's holder.

Step 8

Replace the PC Cover and plug the power cord back in

Step 9

Boot up your PC. You may get some warnings that "Settings have changed." Most computers will start back up with the default Date and Time. Just click on your Clock Manager or right click the Clock on your Tool Bar to reset the day and time to current.

Step 10

Stay up to date. There's an "Internet Time" tab under "Properties." Check that so your computer will sync with the internet for your time. Now everything should run smoother assuming that the Clock was the problem in the first place!

Tips & Warnings

  • Be extremely careful not to bump anything else inside your computer while replacing the Battery. There's all kinds of delicate stuff that can be unplugged or damaged.