How to Fix CRC Errors in RAR Files 7Zip

By Cee Jay

7Zip is a file compression/extraction program that is already capable of opening some RAR files that contain Cyclic Redundancy Check errors. When you right-click the file and click "Extract Here," 7Zip compares the CRC data of the extracted files against the original CRC data, and attempts to bypass them, as needed. This does not always work, and the only way to fix the error is to re-download the file or repair it.

Step 1

Install Actual RAR Repair to restore the file and fix the corruption. The program scans the archive and saves the files that are not damaged. It is compatible with multi-volume and solid RAR files of any size. Batch mode is used to complete multiple repairs without any additional input. Drag the files to the application's window and it starts the repair automatically.

Step 2

Download the Object Fix Zip to repair the archive. Object Fix Zip makes a new archive that contains the undamaged files plus the recovered files, when possible. It is capable of extracting archives that were partially downloaded or incomplete. After installation, the Welcome Screen asks you to select one or more files and then you only need to place a check next to Fix/Repair Archive.

Step 3

Launch Advanced Zip Repair on the faulty file and let it scan to recover the data. This tool does a data integrity check to correct CRC values in the archive. It supports encrypted files and compressed files that are split into multiple parts. Files sizes up to 4GB are supported and the program integrates with Windows so you can initiate the repair by right-clicking.

Tips & Warnings

  • Even if you're capable of repairing the RAR, it might not function as expected if the file is incomplete. Download the original file again, if possible, and disable accelerators so they won't interfere with the download.