How to Fix HTTP 404 Error

By Eric Love

An HTTP 404 error occurs when the page that is requested from a web server cannot be found because it does not exist. Users will not be able to directly fix these errors, are they are server-side difficulties. A system administrator will be able to resolve HTTP 404 Errors by creating or renaming the erroneously linked resource and making it available.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • Web Server

Step 1

Find out what file is missing and not being presented by the server. The location of this file will be in the address bar at the top of the web page. As an example, will be located in the "files" folder of the "" directory.

Step 2

Open the web server directory from which the file in question originates.

Step 3

Make sure the file that is missing or fix the name of a file you want to be presented for this page. If the file requested is "filename.php" you will need to create the file "filename.php" or rename it to exist.

Tips & Warnings

  • All file names on web servers are sensitive to capitalization. This means that "FILENAME.html" and "filename.html" are two completely different files. Ensure your links are pointing to a website of the appropriate case.

References & Resources