How to Fix Internet Explorer When You Can't Open the Search Page

By Greyson Ferguson

Internet Explorer comes preinstalled on most Windows-based computer systems. If you use Internet Explorer, you may run into the issue where the Internet browser does not open for some reason when you attempt to access it. Usually that's caused by a minor flaw in your computer, one you can correct without too much effort or time.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet Explorer
  • Anti-virus software

Step 1

Run the anti-virus software you have on your computer and perform a full system scan. Sometimes if a virus or malware infects your computer, it blocks Internet Explorer from launching. Once the scan has finished, remove any bugs or infections your software found on your computer and attempt to relaunch Internet Explorer.

Step 2

Shut down the computer and restart it. Sometimes just restarting the computer can correct any error you are having.

Step 3

Click the "Start" button, followed by "Control Panel." The Control Panel window will load with a variety of system icons. Select "System."

Step 4

Select "System Update" and allow your computer to connect to the Internet (no browser is required) and Windows tells you if any updates for your system are available. Install these updates and your issues with Internet Explorer may disappear.

Step 5

Launch a different web browser (such as Firefox or Safari). Using one of these browsers, you can usually access the Internet; you could try to download an updated version of Internet Explorer to correct the older version that's not loading.