How to Fix Lithium Ion Batteries

By Greyson Ferguson

Lithium ion batteries are rechargeable batteries that are now used in most portable electronics, ranging from digital cameras to laptop computers. If your equipment does not hold a charge as long as you believe it should, there may be several causes. The first is that the battery is just old and is beginning to lose its charge. There isn't much you can do about this problem, but several other corrections are available if the battery is not failing due to age.

Things You'll Need

  • Battery charger

Step 1

Run the electronic device until the battery is completely out of charge. If you don't, the battery will start skipping over the remainder of the charge, reducing the overall charge it will hold.

Step 2

Fully charge the battery when you charge the equipment. As with the first step, if you don't charge up the battery completely, the electronic equipment will stop using all the cells in the battery, reducing its overall charge length.

Step 3

Remove the lithium ion battery from your device and leave it out for a few minutes. If the equipment does not detect any battery power, disconnect the battery, insert it back into the equipment, and then draw out the small amount of power that remains in the battery.

Step 4

Clean out the metal connection points on the battery and the device that uses the lithium ion battery. If these power transfer points are dirty, you will not receive a full charge while using the battery.