How to Fix MetroPCS Phones

By Kristy Robinson

There are many quick and easy solutions to many common problems with MetroPCS phones. Performing routine maintenance on the phone could save a call to customer service or a trip to the local MetroPCS store. It is also important to know the limitations of the phone itself. While MetroPCS services are unlimited, the phones memory and other capabilities are not. Most problems with MetroPCS phones can be eliminated by clearing items from the phone that are no longer needed.

Step 1

Navigate to the phone's inbox or outbox. Click the "Menu" button and select "Delete" or "Delete All." On smart phones highlight the date header and click the "Menu" button. Then select "Delete Prior" to erase multiple messages. It is important to clear the inbox and outbox on the phone regularly. Failure to do so can cause problems sending and receiving messages. Too many messages in your inbox and outbox can cause the phone to freeze when trying to access the messaging features.

Step 2

Go to the web or the browser. Once loaded click the "Menu" button and select "Options," "Settings," or "History," depending on the model of phone. Select "Delete All" from the bottom of the screen, or click the menu and select "Delete All," to clear the web history. When a web page is accessed, information about the page is stored in the phone for faster access in the future. If you neglect to clear the phone's history, the memory on the phone can become so crowded that the phone cannot access the web.

Step 3

Remove pictures and ringtones by selecting the "Media" or "Multimedia" option from the phone's menu. Locate the pictures or ringtones that are no longer needed and click the "Menu" button. Click on "Delete." After removing at least five to ten files from the phone, power the phone off and then back on. Removing pictures and ringtones frees up memory. When the memory gets too low on the phone it may perform very slowly or freeze. Deleting items such as text messages and web history will also help eliminate freezing.

Step 4

Pull the battery out of the phone. Hold down the power button for three seconds. Place the battery back in the phone. This is known as performing a "soft reset," and it forces the phone to completely reboot. Most connectivity problems with smart phones can be corrected by performing this reset.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never pull the battery from a smart phone during a security wipe or software upgrade. This could cause fatal software issues.
  • Never try to make or answer a phone call while the smart phone is engaged in the sync process. This could also cause fatal software issues.