How to Fix My Dell Battery That's Not Charging

By Ruri Ranbe

The Dell laptop battery receives its charge through the AC adapter, a portable power supply that connects to an electrical outlet. If the battery is defective, however, it will fail to charge, and the Dell notebook won't power on without the AC adapter plugged in. If the battery isn't working, perform a few troubleshooting steps to attempt to fix whatever is preventing the device from charging. Doing something as simple as cleaning the device with a dry cloth can fix the battery.

Things You'll Need

  • Antistatic cloth
  • Antistatic wrist band

Step 1

Turn off the notebook. Disconnect the AC adapter. Close the lid and turn the notebook over on to its face.

Step 2

Slide the battery release tab to eject the battery. Put on an antistatic wrist strap to protect the battery from electrostatic damage.

Step 3

Pull the battery out of the Dell. Wipe the battery and the contacts on the inside of the battery compartment with a dry, antistatic cloth.

Step 4

Return the battery to its compartment. You should hear a "click" when you push the battery down into the bay.

Step 5

Connect the AC adapter to the notebook. Confirm the connection between the AC adapter and the power cable are secure.

Step 6

Insert the AC adapter cable into the power jack on the side of the Dell computer. Insert the power cable into a wall outlet. Plug an electrical device into the outlet beforehand to confirm that the outlet is transmitting power.

Step 7

Check the indicator light on the front of the computer. If the power light is solid or blinking, the battery is charging.

Step 8

Connect an alternate, compatible AC adapter to the computer if the power light fails to come on. Contact Dell for a replacement battery if the battery fails to charge even after connecting another AC adapter.