How to Fix Windows 7 Bootloader

By Andrew Meer

The Windows 7 bootloader is the file that loads Windows 7 automatically when you start up your computer. If your computer is failing to load the operating system during computer startup, the problem might be a corrupt Windows 7 bootloader. To fix the Windows 7 bootloader, you must do so via the Command Prompt. Since you cannot start Windows 7, you must load the Command Prompt through a Windows 7 installation disc.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows 7 installation disc

Step 1

Boot your computer using a Windows 7 installation disc. To do so, insert the Windows 7 DVD, restart your computer, press any key when prompted and wait until the Windows 7 setup finishes loading.

Step 2

Click the option labeled “Repair your computer” and wait until the Windows 7 setup finished scanning your hard disk. After scanning, select the Windows 7 installation and then click “Next.”

Step 3

Click on the “Command Prompt” option on the “System Recovery Options” window.

Step 4

Type “bootrec.exe /FixBoot” (without quotes) and press “Enter” to repair the Windows 7 bootloader.

Step 5

Eject the Windows 7 DVD after repairing the bootloader and press the restart button on the CPU casing to start Windows 7 normally.