How to Fix Windows Socket Errors

By David Somerset

The Windows sockets application program interface (API), also known to computer technicians as "Winsock," is what Windows uses to define how applications that run over the network communicate with network services like TCP-IP. Occasionally the Windows sockets may become corrupt--especially if you have recently been the victim of a virus or spyware infection. In order to reset the Winsock catalog to the default settings and fix the Windows Socket errors, type in a command at the command prompt.

Step 1

Click the "Windows" logo. Type "cmd" into the "Search" box. Press "Ctrl," "Shift" and "Enter" to run the command prompt as an Administrator. Confirm that you want to run the command prompt as Administrator if asked for confirmation.

Step 2

Type "netsh winsock reset" at the command prompt. Press "Enter."

Step 3

Restart the system to finalize changes.