How to Fix Your Direct TV From Searching for Satellite?

By John Mitchell

If you are receiving the dreaded "Searching for Satellite Signal" error message on Direct TV connection, then you are not alone. A few troubleshooting options exist to solve this problem. Of course, if these steps do not fix the problem, then you should contact Direct TV technical support for further assistance. But in most cases, you can fix the issue on your own.

Step 1

Reset the Direct TV receiver by first turning it off the unit, then removing the plug from the wall outlet. Give it about 15 to 30 seconds before putting the plug back in, and powering on the receiver.

Step 2

Check the "SAT-IN" connection on the back of the receiver. The cable should be plugged in fully and not loose. If that cable is firmly connected, then check other cables on the back of the device.

Step 3

Go outside and check the satellite dish. Direct TV usually installs these on a brick fence or the side of the house. The satellite dish must have a clear line of sight with the sky. If there is a tree branch or object blocking the satellite's sigh, then you should remove it.

Step 4

Contact Direct TV technical support if you are unable to successfully troubleshoot and get the satellite signal working again. When speaking with a support technician, advise the person of the steps you have already taken. This will save both of you time not going over the same things again.