How to Flag on Facebook

By Marie Cartwright

Facebook posts and comments used to include a "Flag" link, which allowed you to report an item as offensive or inappropriate. The "Flag" link has been removed, as too many people were exploiting an easy way to get somebody else in trouble. Instead, all photos, profiles and other posted items now come with a "Report This" link, which provides you with a form to fill out regarding your complaint. Be aware that erroneously filing reports against other users can land you in trouble with Facebook. Legitimate reasons for filing a report include harassment, abuse, pornography, graphic violence or illegal activities.

Step 1

Click on the photo, user profile or item you wish to report.

Step 2

Click the "Report This" link. The location of this link will vary slightly, depending on what you are reporting. Generally, you can find this link in the left sidebar or near the bottom of the page. If you are reporting a photo, the "Report This" link is just below the "Download" link. When you click the link, a pop-up dialog will appear.

Step 3

Fill out the reporting form as directed by Facebook. Specify the reasons for reporting the item. Click the "Continue" button to submit the report. A Facebook administrator will contact you to follow up on the status of your report. Submitting a report does not guarantee that the item will be removed.

Tips & Warnings

  • If someone has posted one of your photos or videos without your permission, you will need to fill out a different form to report a copyright or intellectual property violation. See the Facebook Copyright Policy page for more information.