How to Flash a Metro PCS Phone

By Joshua Duvauchelle

MetroPCS is a discount cell phone service provider available in large urban areas throughout the United States. MetroPCS allows consumers to "flash" their cell phones, which refers to the process of resetting the phone's internal software to allow it to use the MetroPCS network without removing the SIM card. If a MetroPCS phone isn't flashed, it may not work on the MetroPCS cell network.

Step 1

Locate the nearest MetroPCS store on the MetroPCS website or by calling the MetroPCS support line at 888-863-8768.

Step 2

Take your cell phone to the MetroPCS store. Ask to speak to a customer service representative.

Step 3

Request that the customer service representative provide you with the "MetroFlash" service. MetroFlash is the name for MetroPCS' proprietary software that overwrites your cell phone's internal firmware. Firmware is the software your cell phone uses to manage its preferred roaming list files. The customer service representative will connect your cell phone with the MetroFlash software and reprogram the firmware. Your phone can then be used with any MetroPCS service even if it was previously locked to another cell phone service provider.

Step 4

Test your cell phone by accessing its home screen and opening its settings page. View the network to which the cell phone is connected to. If the flashing process was a success, your phone will now display the MetroPCS name, listed under Networks.

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