How to Flip a Picture in Adobe Reader

By Nick Davis

Portable Document Format (PDF) files contain not only text and website links, but also pictures, graphics and even line drawings. When a PDF is created, sometimes pictures within the documents are upside down or in an orientation that makes the picture difficult to see. Adobe Reader includes the ability to flip a picture to a view of your liking. Once in the right orientation, you can view the picture on your monitor or print it on your computer's printer.

Step 1

Open Adobe Reader by clicking on the program's icon on your desktop or by clicking "Start," "All Programs," "Adobe Reader," if using Windows.If using a Mac, click on your hard drive icon. Click on the "Applications" folder, then "Adobe Reader."

Step 2

Click "File," "Open." Navigate to the PDF file you want to open containing the picture that needs flipping. Press the down arrow key on your keyboard to scroll to the page containing the picture.

Step 3

Click "View," "Rotate View." Select "Clockwise" to flip the picture clockwise. Click "View," "Rotate View," "Counterclockwise" to flip the picture counterclockwise.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 until the picture is in an orientation of your liking.

Tips & Warnings

  • Click "View," "Zoom," "Zoom To" to zoom into the picture so you can see if the orientation is what you want.