How to Force Close the Apps on an iPad

By Aaron Wein

If you have downloaded several third-party applications to your iPad, you may have run into some technical issues with the device. For instance, leaving too many apps running can bog down the iPad's processor, slowing everything down. Furthermore, some apps can freeze during operation, leaving your device crippled. Learn to force apps to quit to prevent unwanted hang-ups with your iPad.

Step 1

Double-tap "Home." App icons appear.

Step 2

Hold your finger on any of the applications. The icons start wiggling. Release your finger.

Step 3

Touch the "-" next to the application you want to quit. The application closes. If the application is frozen, proceed to Step 4.

Step 4

Hold down the "Sleep/Wake" key at the top of the device. A red slider appears. Release the "Sleep/Wake" key.

Step 5

Hold "Home" down for six seconds. The applications quit.