How to Format a Lenovo Laptop

By Tiffany Garden

Formatting a Lenovo laptop means that erasing all data on the entire hard drive or a specific partition. Lenovo laptops come with Windows recovery disks that function as operating system installation disks. Use this disk to access the formatting utility to wipe your hard drive or partition clean.

Things You'll Need

  • Lenovo Windows recovery CD or regular Windows installation disk

Step 1

Place your installation or recovery disk into your Lenovo laptop and restart the computer.

Step 2

Press any key on your Lenovo keyboard when you see the message "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD."

Step 3

Select your language, time and currency and keyboard layout from the drop-down menu on the first Windows installation screen. These settings should already be set to the correct selections. Click "Next."

Step 4

Click "Install Now." You do not have to complete the entire Windows installation process if you are installing a different version of Windows or a completely different operating system. You just need to start the installation process to access the formatting tool.

Step 5

Check "I Accept the License Agreement" and choose "Next." Click "Custom(Advanced)." Click "Drive Options." Click the partition or drive you want to format. Press "Delete." Click "OK." Choose the empty partition and click "Format." The format process will prepare your hard drive for use.