How to Format a New Hard Drive

By Josienita Borlongan

When you get a new computer or if you want to just redo everything with your existing computer by starting with a clean slate, then you need to format your new hard drive. There are different methods to format a hard drive. Follow these steps for a Windows operating system.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Boot disk
  • Setup disk

Step 1

Use the floppy boot method. This is the conventional way of formatting your hard drive. Insert the boot disk and then turn on your computer.

Step 2

Hit the \"Enter\" key on your keyboard when you get into the Startup Menu.

Step 3

Choose from the option command for CD support. This will bring you to a command prompt. Where the cursor blinks type in fdisk (one word). Then hit \"Enter\" key from keyboard.

Step 4

Press \"Y\" when you see the warning page so that you will get a large disk support.

Step 5

Choose the type of partitions you want when you get to the FDISK Options. You will see a list of options that are numbered. Scroll to each one and you will see the option number changed in between the clause sign. For beginners, you can choose to create one big partition. Choose the first one, then hit \"Enter\" key.

Step 6

Type in format c: and then, hit the \"Enter \" key right after the colon. It will show on your screen like this: A:\\>format c:

Step 7

Read the warning then select either Y or N. (Y is for Yes and N is for No). The warning would state \"Warning, all data in non-removable disk drive C: will be lost!\"

Step 8

Read the corresponding page. This will show you the drive size and estimated time to complete.

Step 9

Type in e: for the location of the CD drive. Hit the \"Enter\" key. This will take you to the E drive. It will show as: A:\\>e:

Step 10

Type \"Setup\" then hit \"Enter.\" It will show as: E:\\>setup

Step 11

Follow the instructions on a more readable Windows setup.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also use the CD boot method. Insert the operating system disk or the set up disk. Once you pop in the CD to your computer, you will be guided through formatting your new hard drive. Just follow the instructions and you will complete this task without hardly any trouble.This is the simplest way to format your new hard drive.
  • Back up your files before you start if you are formatting your own computer so that you can still use your data on the newly formatted computer.