How to Format an Acer Laptop

By Art Corvelay

There are several reasons you may want to format your Acer laptop. Your laptop may be running slower than when you purchased it, or you may have contracted a computer virus that makes you want to format your laptop. Regardless of the reason you want to format your laptop, the process is the same.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows sp2 CD

Step 1

Back up your data. Before formatting your hard drive, it is essential that you back up all of the data you would like to access after the format is completed.

Step 2

Insert your Windows XP sp2 CD and restart your computer. If you own an Acer laptop, you most likely will be running Windows XP.

Step 3

Press "enter" when the welcome to setup page appears. Press the F8 key to accept the Windows licensing agreement.

Step 4

Select your CD drive as your boot device. You will want to boot your computer through the Windows start-up CD instead of booting from your hard drive.

Step 5

Follow the on-screen prompts and click "yes" when you are asked if you would like to format your C drive. If you click "yes," the formatting process will finish, and you will have successfully formatted your hard drive.