How to Format DVD-R Discs

By Mario Calhoun

DVD-recordable (DVD-R) discs allow you to burn information such as documents, music or video and transfer them to a secondary computer. While DVD-rewritable (DVD-RW) discs allow you to add more data to the disc after the initial burn, DVD-R discs are intended for burning once and cannot be edited once created. If your disc does not seem to work when inserted into your computer's optical drive, it must be formatted to work with your operating system. Once formatted, the disc's settings are configured for your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank DVD-R disc
  • DVD drive

Step 1

Insert the blank DVD-R disc, label-side up, into the computer's optical drive.

Step 2

Double-click "My Computer" on your computer's desktop, or, for computers running Windows 7, click "Start" on the desktop and then click "Computer".

Step 3

Right-click the disc icon in the "My Computer" or "Computer" window, and click "Format" in the pop-up menu.

Step 4

After the formatting process is complete, right-click the disc icon and click "Eject". Your disc should now be able to be used with your computer's operating system.