How to Free Up RAM Space on My PC

By Andrea Griffith

After hundreds of songs have been downloaded to your computer, games have been uploaded, documents have been saved and/or a few years have gone by, you will start to notice that your computer is running slightly slower than it used to. This is because the memory (RAM) space is starting to be used up. Instead of deleting your favorite games or songs or purchasing a new computer, free up some of the RAM space on your computer. You can do this quickly and easily by cleaning up you (C:) drive.

Step 1

Click on the "Start" button at the bottom left-hand corner of your computer screen.

Step 2

Click on "All Programs" from the bottom left-hand side of the Start Menu.

Step 3

Select "Accessories" from All Programs, then click on "System Tools."

Step 4

Click on "Disk Cleanup."

Step 5

Check all of the boxes to the left of the various files. These files--Setup Log Files, Recycle Bin, Temporary Internet Files and Offline Webpages among others--all take up quite a bit of space on your computer.

Step 6

Click "OK" to delete the files from your (C:) drive.

Step 7

Select "Cleanup System Files" under Description from the Disk Cleanup screen.

Step 8

Select the "More Options" tab, then click "Yes" from the dialog box that will appear verifying you want to delete the Systems Files. This will delete System Restore and Shadow copy files.