How to Freeze the Top Rows & Panes in Excel 2007

By Lara Webster

Microsoft Excel 2007 is a popular spreadsheet program used for organizing both business and personal data. You can use it to create charts and automatically add up numerical data. If you create titles at the top of your spreadsheet, it can be convenient to freeze those titles in place while still being able to browse the rest of the spreadsheet. Microsoft has created a process for freezing the top row of cells or panes.

Step 1

Select the "View" tab from the toolbar at the top of the Excel 2007 spreadsheet. It is the last option on the right.

Step 2

Click on the "Freeze Panes" icon from the "Windows" section of the "View" toolbar.

Step 3

Select either "Freeze Panes" or "Freeze Top Row," depending on how many cells you want to freeze. Choosing to freeze the panes will divide the spreadsheet into panes; clicking just under and to the right of where you want the frozen pane to begin will determine the pane's dimensions. Choosing to freeze the top row will freeze the top horizontal line of cells.

Step 4

Undo the freeze process by going back to the "Freeze Panes" icon and selecting "Unfreeze Panes."