How to Freeze Whole Cranberry Sauce

By Chelsea Hoffman

Whole-berry cranberry sauce is the lumpier, full-bodied version of gelled cranberry sauce. It tastes delicious, tart and sweet when paired with holiday meats such as turkey, goose or ham. Freezing whole cranberry sauce at home gives you the ability to store your homemade sauce for future use, or it allows you to prepare it as a cold, sorbet-like dessert. The endeavor is easy and doesn't take very much time, resulting in a conveniently frozen and packaged sauce for your enjoyment. Freezing cranberry sauce, whether it's homemade or canned, gives you the ability to keep it on hand for a variety of culinary uses.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 cups whole cranberry sauce
  • 20 oz. freezer bag

Step 1

Pour the whole-berry cranberry sauce into the freezer bag. Choose a durable, thick-plastic zipper bag for this recipe.

Step 2

Hold the bag up and allow all of the sauce to settle at the bottom of it. Lay it flat on the counter surface to squeeze out the excess air.

Step 3

Snap the zipper-lock closed to secure the bag.

Step 4

Roll the bag up tightly and put it in your freezer. The whole cranberry sauce should keep for anywhere between six months to a year.