How to Freeze Your Service Agreement With Cox

By Meaghan Ellis

Cox Communications is a high-speed broadband, digital cable, and phone service provider. Cox customers are usually categorized as month-to-month customers with no actual contract obligations for services received. Therefore, services can be canceled or transferred at anytime without a penalty. Freezing a service agreement with Cox Communications is not a difficult task, but it will require a momentary discontinuation so you can avoid further monthly charges when you aren't using the services. The request can easily be conducted by phone.

Things You'll Need

  • Cox account PIN or last four digits of account holder's SSN
  • Phone number associated with the Cox account

Step 1

Call 800-229-6542 from a land line or cell phone to contact Cox Communications' customer service. (There is also a local number for your area. To look for the local number, visit the Cox Communications' official website in the Resources section below.)

Step 2

Press the "1" key on the phone's keypad to choose "English" as your language preference.

Step 3

Enter the home telephone number associated with the Cox Communications account you're calling about. Then, key in the four-digit PIN or the last four digits of the Cox account holder's Social Security number.

Step 4

Listen to the automated system and press the appropriate key for the Cox Billing and Accounts Payable Department. Once you're redirected, a live agent will answer the call.

Step 5

Inform the Cox agent that you'd like to discontinue your services. You will be asked for a specified date for the discontinuation. Give the Cox agent the date you'd like to begin freezing the service. The Cox agent will complete the request. You will be informed of the terms and conditions of the discontinuation, and the date you'll need to have the equipment returned.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also visit a local Cox Communications office to discontinue the services.
  • You should only freeze the service agreement if the services need to be discontinued for more than a month. Otherwise, you may actually incur more charges than expected if the time frame is shorter than 30 days. Reconnection fees will be assessed when you decide to resume services. So, you may actually save money if you avoid discontinuing for less than 30 days.
  • Ask the Cox agent for the amount of your final bill. Be sure to pay the final bill in a timely fashion to avoid further collection issues that could affect your credit.
  • Cox Communications' services cannot be canceled online. You must cancel the services by phone or visit a local Cox Communications office.
  • A vast majority of Cox customers do not have service contracts. But, there are a select few that do, based on the length of time they've been a valued Cox customer. If you do have a contracted service agreement, be advised that you may be penalized for any type of cancellation whether it's temporary or permanent. Be sure to inquire about this with the Cox customer service agent.
  • While your bill will be prorated for any cancellation in the middle of a billing cycle, be advised that pre-existing balances are still due. If there is a remaining balance on the account from a previous month, it is still due. Freezing the service agreement will not void any pre-existing charges.
  • All Cox hardware equipment such as digital cable boxes, routers and modems must be returned to your nearest Cox office whenever a service agreement is halted. This is mandatory regardless of how long you plan to cancel the service. If the equipment is not returned within 30 days of the cancellation date, you will be charged the full price of the equipment.