How to Gain Access to Your Facebook Account

By Kay Ireland

A Facebook account gives you access to literally millions of contacts with whom you can share photos, exchange messages and keep in touch. If you've registered for a Facebook account and have forgotten your password you'll need to gain access using the forgotten password tool. This causes a new password to be sent to your Facebook-affiliated email address so you can access your account.

Step 1

Visit In the Email field, type your email address. Then click the "Forgot your password?" link.

Step 2

Enter your email address into the supplied field. You can also use your Facebook user name or enter your name and a friend's name in order to retrieve your password. Click "Search" and then complete the security check by entering the words you see in the window into the supplied text box. Click "Submit."

Step 3

Click "Reset" if the supplied information on the next page is correct. You should see your profile picture and a blanked-out version of your email address. If this isn't correct, click "Not My Account" and start again. If it is correct, click "Reset Password."

Step 4

Check your email. There will be a password code from Facebook that you must use in order to gain access to your Facebook account. Find the password code in the email and enter it into the recovery tool. You can also click the supplied link to be taken back to the recovery tool.

Step 5

Enter a new password twice in order to gain access. You'll also have the opportunity to add a security question to your account so it's easier and more secure to retrieve your password in the future. Click "Save and Continue" once you've chosen your question and answer. You will now have access to your Facebook account.