How to Get a Better Signal on an iPhone

By Greyson Ferguson

The Apple iPhone, although doesn't have an exterior antenna there is a device built into the phone. However, like most other phones your wireless signal can vary depending on what you are doing and what your location is. If you don't have a strong signal with your iPhone you can make a few corrections to boost the signal mobility of your wireless Apple iPhone

Things You'll Need

  • USB cable

Step 1

Move upward. If you are underground with your iPhone the signal from the wireless towers is going to have a harder time reaching you than if you are on ground level.

Step 2

Stay away from large metal overhangs or pipes. These metal objects reflect and bounce the wireless signal away from your location, causing your phone to lose service.

Step 3

Walk outside. For some reason some houses just seem to be dead zones. Step outside and make the call while you walk. Moving away from the dead zone gives you better wireless service.

Step 4

Avoid rural areas. If you are in farmland or another area where not many buildings or people are around, the chance of cell phone towers present decreases and so too does your signal.

Step 5

Update your Apple iPhone to the latest firmware update. Connect the iPhone to your computer, launch iTunes, select the phone under "My Devices" and allow it download and update its firmware. Often, new software for your phone increases its signal reception.