How to Get a Cheap Cell Phone Plan

By Techwalla Contributor

Despite how popular and common cell phones may be nowadays, due to the bad economy, lots of people are curious as to how to get a cheap cell phone plan. In the past, cell phones were considered a luxury item and were typically used mostly by business people or those who were quite well off. Today, however, even low-income families are able to afford cell phones without much difficulty, and middle income households can afford cell phones for the whole family. Compared to the past, it's not uncommon to see children owning their own portable phones.However, despite how much more affordable cell phones may be these days compared to the past, it still can be difficult to find a cheap cell phone plan that suits you. If you aren't careful about the plan you choose, you could end up paying several hundreds of dollars a month on your cell phone bill. If you want to avoid this and would like to know how to get a cheap cell phone plan, read on.

Step 1

Consider how much you plan to use your phone, as well as when. Most people think it's most economical to get the cheapest, bare-bones cell phone plan possible, only to end up going over their minutes and being charged an arm and a leg. On the other hand, if you don't plan to end up using your cell phone a lot, then purchasing a plan that has lots of minutes will be just a waste of money. Some plans will also give you extra minutes, or unlimited talk time, if you use your phone on nights and weekends. If you typically use your phone during these times, this kind of plan might be best.

Step 2

Compare prices. Once you have an idea of what sort of cell phone plan you need, you should compare the offers from different cell phones companies to find a cheap cell phone plan. Make sure you also read any fine print, because while some of the offers you see may seem great, there may be certain details you might not catch right away that will end up costing you a lot of money a month.

Step 3

Try a pay-as-you-go phone. For people who don't intend to use their phone a lot, this is a great way to get a cheap cell phone plan. On the other hand, if you are someone who intends to talk on your phone frequently, this will probably end up costing you much more money in the long run.

Step 4

Search online for special rebates or discounts. You may be able to find a cell phone service that let's you get a discount cell phone plan when you sign up under a limited-time special offer.