How to Get a Date Through Facebook

By Sara Hickman

Facebook is not only a place where you can reconnect with old friends and family, but you can meet new people as well. Like online dating sites, you can use Facebook to browse profiles of people who have similar interests as you. Though many people may be friendly, some people may not respond with a cold contact. It's important if you plan to use Facebook to meet your future partner, to use a profile that demonstrates who you are in a non-tacky and charming fashion.

Step 1

Use the search bar to find a person based on their location or interests. Scroll through the search results and choose the profile you like best. Click the name or photo to preview the profile.

Step 2

Click "Send Message." Type a message to the user explaining that you found her profile on Facebook and mention something you have in common. Begin with small talk to engage in conversation. Ask a question so the person writes you back.

Step 3

Add the person as a friend after exchanging five or 10 messages. At this point you are online acquaintances, so you can ask the person to grab coffee or dinner. Use an activity that is public and casual so it's less stressful. Do not be pushy and accept the response the person gives you. If she says no, move on to the next person.

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