How to Get a Detailed Cell Phone History

By Brandi Palkoner

Using a cell phone to make or receive calls creates a record of usage associated with a specific mobile account. These records are maintained by the service provider and are available to the account holder. A detailed cell phone history may be viewed on the phone itself or accessed online or by request to the cell phone company. Available information includes phone numbers dialed on the phone, phone numbers of incoming callers, date and time that calls were placed and duration of the calls.

Step 1

View the call history of a cell phone saved directly on the phone itself. Select "Call Log" from the menu of your phone. View the phone number, date and time of the call for incoming, outgoing and missed calls. The name of the person associated with the number may also be available depending on whether or not you have the number saved as a contact on your phone.

Step 2

Register for online access to detailed account information. Visit the website of your service provider and set up an account by providing information specific to your phone such as the phone number, serial number, personal identification number (PIN) or account access code. Log in to view a detailed bill or recent phone usage.

Step 3

Request a copy of a detailed phone bill containing phone usage by contacting the customer service department of your cell phone service provider. Verify account and personal information as requested. Opt for a paper bill by mail or an electronic bill depending on your preference and how quickly the information is required.

Tips & Warnings

  • A detailed bill may require a nominal fee depending on the policy of your service provider.
  • When checking the call history of a phone other than your own, be aware that select calls may be deleted individually and the call log may not reflect all calls made or received.
  • Cell phone service providers offer detailed call history only to the person listed on the account. Be prepared to verify your identity when contacting the provider either electronically or by phone.