How to Get a Different Header on the Last Page of a Word Document

By Foye Robinson

By default, Microsoft Word headers are applied to all pages within a document. At times, you may need to apply a different header to a page. You can customize the headers in Word by using section breaks. A section break tells Word that you want to use different page settings for that page. You can also unlink your headers from each other, so Word won't apply the same header to each page.

Step 1

Open the Word document you want to modify. Then scroll to the last page.

Step 2

Place the insertion point at the beginning of the last page. Then select "Page Layout," "Breaks" and "Next Page" from the Ribbon.

Step 3

Place your cursor at the top of the document.

Step 4

Insert the header which will be used for the remainder of your document by clicking on "Insert" and "Header" in the Ribbon. Then choose a header from the "Header Gallery." To customize the header, click within the header section and type in the text you want to use.

Step 5

Select the "Design" tab in the Ribbon and choose "Next Section" from the "Navigation" group. Then select "Link to Previous" in the "Navigation" group to remove the link.

Step 6

Scroll to the last page of your document. Then select "Insert" and "Header" from the Ribbon. Choose the header you want to apply to the last page and customize it.

Step 7

Click the "Close Header and Footer" button to return to your document.