How to Get a Domain Name and Website Absolutely Free

By David Sarokin

If you want to build a Website, start a blog or create a group on the Internet, you can certainly buy a domain name, sign up at a commercial hosting site, pay a monthly fee and build your sites. But you can also take the no-cost route. Plenty of opportunities exist to get a domain name and build your site or blog or group absolutely free. Some free sites automatically post ads or pop-ups on your pages, but there are also no-cost sites that are ad-free and pop-up-free.

Step 1

Use free Web site hosts such as Google Sites, Microsoft Office Live or Weebly to get a free domain name, build your Web site and have it hosted for free. These services are flexible enough to create highly polished Websites and have enough tools and storage space to run a medium-sized online business. Register at the site of your choice and use the templates provided to begin creating your Web site, which can be up on the Internet in just a matter of minutes after you sign up.

Step 2

Sign up at no-cost blog hosts such as or to create a free blog. After registering at the sites, enter your domain name to make sure it is available, and use the blog templates to begin creating your free blog.

Step 3

Create an online group at free services such as Google Groups (the home of Usenet) or Yahoo Groups. You can build groups for online communities to share information, discuss topics of interest or collaborate on projects.

Tips & Warnings

  • Your site's domain name at free hosts will generally be the host's domain followed by your own domain name, something like "" If you prefer, you can purchase a domain name directly to use at the free host, so that your URL become
  • You can include Internet advertising and affiliate links to monetize your site and earn some income from site traffic. Blogger has a built-in tool to quickly include Google Adsense ads on your blog.