How to Get a Google Voice Account

By Jason Spidle

A Google Voice account enables you to create a phone number hosted by Google’s servers that forwards calls to your personal phone. When people call your Google Voice phone number, the call is routed through Google and sent directly to you. Additionally, Google Voice provides you online access to your text messages and transcribes your voice mails so they can be read on your computer. Although Google requires you to have a phone to create your Voice account, you can change your forwarding phone at any time.

Step 1

Sign in to your Google account.

Step 2

Click “More” in the top menu in Google and select “Even More.”

Step 3

Click “Voice" under "Home and Office." Google Voice loads and displays a Getting Started message.

Step 4

Click “I Want a New Number.” Type your city in the text field and click “Search Numbers.”

Step 5

Click the radio button next to the number you want to use as your Google Voice account phone number and click “Continue.”

Step 6

Type a four-digit personal identification number in the two text fields. Click the check box next to “I accept Google Voice’s Terms and Privacy Policy” and click “Continue.”

Step 7

Type the phone number you want your Google Voice calls forwarded to and click “Continue.” Google Voice displays a verification code.

Step 8

Click “Call Me Now.” Google Voice calls the phone you put as your forwarding phone.

Step 9

Answer the phone and type the verification number into your phone. Hang up when the automated voice instructs you to end the call.

Step 10

Click “Go to My Inbox” to finalize the creation of your Google Voice account.