How to Get a K9 Administrator Password Without Blue Coat

By Valerie Coleman

K9 Web Protection is a free software Internet-filtering and parental control system provided by Blue Coat. K9 allows you to block or restrict sites that you do not want others to access while having the ability to override those sites by using your administrator's password. You cannot get an administrator's password without downloading the software, but you can get an additional administrator's password if you want to use K9 on another computer, according to K9 Web Protection (see References).

Things You'll Need

  • Email address
  • K9 software
  • license key
  • administrator's password

Step 1

After you get to the K9 website, click on "Get K9 Now" or the download icon.

Step 2

Completely fill out the form and use the same email address you originally used to register K9. You can also use a different email address if you have changed it.

Step 3

You will see two options. Click on the second one that says "Request for Additional License."

Step 4

Check your email for your new license.

Step 5

The email instructions will guide you to download the protection software. You will be asked during this process for your protection license, which is included in the email. You will also be asked for your administrator's password, which is one you choose.

Step 6

Complete the installation process.