How to Get a Lower Rate on Your Satellite Bill

By Irene A. Blake

To attract and retain customers, satellite service providers offer competitive rates across packages and between companies, just like any other cable TV, Internet and phone service providers. As a result, you have the advantage when trying to lower the rate on your satellite bill. You can negotiate lower fees, or find equivalent or better services at a lower price through another provider. The way in which you lower your satellite bill depends entirely on the satellite services options offered in your area, your service needs and your negotiation skills.

Step 1

Downgrade your services to remove any that you don't use. For example, many people pay for a hundred or more TV channels, but only watch a few. Contact your satellite services provider and ask for pricing for downgrades. In addition, ask the customer services representative to provide you with information about discounted services or bundles at lower rates.

Step 2

Contact other satellite companies in your area and ask for rate information, including the terms and conditions for any rate packages or discounts offered. If you find a package with lower rates that you like, switch to that company if you don't like your current company. If you want to negotiate a lower rate through your current provider, make a quick reference list of the services and pricing offered by each provider to use when speaking with your current provider.

Step 3

Call your current satellite services provider again. Advise the customer service representative that you've shopped around with other companies and compared the pricing given to you on your previous call with the rates offered by the other companies, and that you're not happy with the price differences. Provide examples from your list of the price differences, then ask for a better rate.

Step 4

Complain whenever your service doesn't work properly or when you have a poor customer service experience to lower a current satellite bill. Many companies will offer you a credit or free services to make up for your negative experience -- especially if you state that you're thinking of switching companies as a result of your experience.

Step 5

Stop using "pay-per" services such as Pay-Per-View or movie rentals. In addition, place a lockout on these services, if available, to prevent others in your home from accessing and ordering them. These services can add up quickly on a bill.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never yell or curse at a customer service representative when trying to lower your bill -- for example, on a call involving a negative service experience. You may feel that these actions work well to get a point across, but it can actually have the opposite effect. The representative may have difficulty understanding your words if you yell, or may interpret your behavior as threatening. Simply present your case clearly and with as many details as possible. If the representative can't or won't assist you, ask for a supervisor.