How to Get a New Magicjack Phone Number

By Patrice D. Wimbush

MagicJack provides free local and long distance calls via a USB device you plug into your computer. This device allows a connection using a standard corded or cordless phone. Once connect and registered, you can place and receive calls from any location in the United States or Canada as long as you have access to the internet. MagicJack features include call waiting, caller ID and voicemail. You may also change your MagicJack number online by accessing your MagicJack account.

Step 1

Access your MagicJack account online by entering your email address or phone number and your MagicJack password.

Step 2

Select the "My Subscriptions" tab and click the "Change Phone Number" button located under the "The Number for MagicJack Is:" heading.

Step 3

Select the "Change My Phone Number" option in the "Change Phone Number" box.

Step 4

Select your MagicJack talk subscription in the "Change/Add Phone Number" box and click "Next."

Step 5

Create your own number by choosing "I Want a Vanity Number." If you do not want a vanity number, select the third option that begins with "I do not want a vanity number nor Canadian number..."

Step 6

Select your state, area code and prefix. MagicJack will select the last four numbers of your new number. Pay the required fee with a credit or debit card to complete the process. As of 2011, the fee to change your number is $10.