How to Get a Phone to Repeat a Number to Dial

By Cassandra Tribe

If you have ever tried to call someone only to get a busy signal and then had to keep dialing and hanging up as you waited for the line to become free, then you have probably wished you knew how to get your phone to repeat a number to dial. That service is called "repeat dial" and it is offered by almost all the major providers of home and business phone services. It is easy to use.

Step 1

Dial the number you wish to call. If the line is busy, do not hang up.

Step 2

Press *66 and wait until you hear a long tone: this will tell you that repeat dial is now turned on. Hang up the phone and wait until it rings; the ring will sound more like a single ring or tone than your normal ring. This is to let you know that your call has connected.

Step 3

Pick up the receiver and you will hear the line ringing. Wait for the other party to answer.

Step 4

Dial *86 to turn off the repeat dial service if you do not want to keep calling the number. Repeat dial will stop automatically after 30 minutes of trying; if you want to stop the attempts before this, use the *86 code.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use repeat dial when you are trying to access the customer service departments of business when their lines are busy. This way you will not have to wait on the phone for them to answer, but can still get through.
  • Repeat dial must be reactivated each time you wish to use it.