How to Get a Ringback Tone on My Phone

By James Garret

Ringback tones allow you to customize your phone for use with your favorite audio. What differentiates ringback tones from traditional ringtones is how they are stored and accessed. Your cellphone provider makes ringback tones available from an online service that typically carries a small charge for a subscription, plus a small fee for each tone.

Step 1

Subscribe to your cellular company's ringback tone service. This service is usually easy to find using the basic search feature on the company's homepage, or with the help of a search engine. If you encounter an issue with locating this service, contact your cellular provider. No credit card is necessary for subscribing; a fee will simply be added to your bill.

Step 2

Search through the various audio categories to find your desired ringback tone. Choose from among many popular songs, movie audio, celebrity audio and more.

Step 3

Select the purchase button when you have decided on a tone. The ringback tone will be instantly made available for use on your phone. A small fee for the tone will be added to your cellular bill.

Step 4

Manage your ringback tones through your personal settings options on your cellular company's website. Add and delete ringback tones and customize the order in which they play.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some cellular companies allow ringback tones to be purchased in just seconds directly from your phone using text messaging. Ask your cellular company if this option is available.