How to Get a Signature When Texting From iPhone

By Jennifer Leighton

Some iPhone users may wish to make their text messages more personal or more recognizable by using a text messaging signature. You can easily create a personal text message signature for your iPhone, which will then be added automatically to your outgoing texts. Creating a signature takes only a few moments and it can be done through the Settings menu on the iPhone.

Step 1

Power on your iPhone and wait for the home screen to load fully.

Step 2

Touch the "Settings" icon on the iPhone's home screen. The Settings menu will display.

Step 3

Touch the "Messages" option in the Settings menu to open the Messaging Options menu.

Step 4

Touch "Signature" in the Messaging Options menu. The keyboard will appear, along with the current message you are using, if any.

Step 5

Type the message that you want to use as your signature on the iPhone keypad. You can change and edit the signature whenever you like.

Step 6

Touch "Save" to save the signature you have created. You will be returned to the Messaging Options screen.

Step 7

Touch "Done" in the Messaging Options screen. Your text signature will now be attached to each of your outgoing text messages.